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Angels & Secrets

by | Oct 18, 2010 | , | Mama's Patchwork | 1 comment

“Don’t tell Mom,” I said to my brother Murray. “She’ll kill me!”

“I won’t, but what were you thinking? Why didn’t you turn left instead of crossing the busy intersection?” he said scratching his head. “You’re lucky there weren’t any cars coming. Someone was looking out for you little sister.”

“I know,” I said. My legs felt like jelly as I thought of my brother’s words. Yes, angels were watching over me that day.

Once again, I didn’t listen to my mom and decided to take our friend’s 5-speed bike for a ride (what is it with me and bikes?). Carol had just gotten one of those new bikes with the brakes on the handle bars instead of the pedals (I’m dating myself).

We had pleaded with Mom, but she wasn’t ready to let us have one yet. They were dangerous.

I admired it from a distance one day as we were out playing, thinking it would be cool to just test it out. Get the feel for it. Once. Carol must have read my thoughts and egged me on to give it a try.

“I don’t know,” I said.

“There’s nothing to it,” she said as she showed me how the handle brakes worked. It looked easy enough.

At least that’s what I thought.

I slowly straddled the bike and pushed off. I rode to the end of the street and turned down Buckingham. I would just ride for part way down the hill. Ummm…bad move.

I pressed the handle brakes to stop. Nothing happened. I tried again. The bike was gaining speed down the hill towards the busy intersection.

“M-O-M-M-Y,” I yelled. “Help!”

I can still remember screaming at the top of my lungs all the way to the bottom and across the road. Angels were looking after me because there were no cars coming. Strange for such a busy intersection. I believe God stopped the traffic for me that day.

We never did tell Mom, at least not right away. I hated to keep secrets from her, but I was scared more of the consequences. She would never let me have a 5 or 10-speed bike.

I knew it was wrong and I did tell her eventually. Yes, she scolded me, but was thankful I wasn’t hurt. There’s that love again. Why did I doubt it so much?

Why do we doubt God’s love? Do we try and keep secrets from Him? He knows everything, but we try anyway. We need to trust Him with all aspects of our lives. I struggle with that myself and have just recently been reminded of it. I need to surrender to Him. He is the one in control, not me. Thank heavens!

In one corner of Mama’s quilt, I see the image of an angel watching as Mom labours hard over every stitch. She tries to teach me lessons in life, but I struggle to hear them. She keeps quilting anyway knowing that one day I will learn.

Isaiah 50:10 (NIV)

Who among you fears the LORD and obeys the word of his servant?

Let him who walks in the dark, who has no light,

TRUST in the name of the LORD and rely on his God.

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  1. susan steeves

    Hey Sis,
    I remember that day well!!! You describe it so well that I felt myself holding my breath, like I did that day. Angels are definitely a gift The Lord gives to us. Love ya, Sue


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