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I held my foot as I sobbed. “Mommy, will it leave a scar?”

“Maybe, but it will remind you never to do that again. Sometimes we have to learn through our scars.” My mom gently cleaned my wound and placed a band-aid on it. I felt instant relief from the hurt. My little world was good again.

Remember that story? My mom was right. After that incident, I never rode my bike barefoot again. I recalled the hurt and didn’t want to go there. I learned from my mistake, even if it was at a cost.

I’m reminded of that story as I read my devotions yesterday. The following words took me by surprise. The author said, “There’s no way we can be like Jesus and yet wear no scars in this world.”*

Really? Do we have to receive a wound before we can learn in life? It seems so.

When I look at the scars received from His cruel beating and crucifixion, I’m reminded that my scars will never be like His. However, a life without wounds is not reality. We know we will go through many hurts, disappointments, and losses in life. Each one leaves a mark, but each one grows us. We can look back to see the scars and remember what God taught us.

God used a song yesterday to also remind me that He is with me in the middle of my scars in life, even when I feel like I’m alone. When my heart is broken, God is here. In Him, I can find peace.

These words by Lara Martin are powerful.

In your presence, there is fullness of life
And healing flowing, for body soul and mind
God of miracles, God of the impossible is here
God is here
Let the broken-hearted rejoice (lift up your head)
God is here
Let the sick say I am well (all-sufficient One)
God is here
Let the weak say I am strong (let the weak say I am strong!)
God is here
His wonders to perform
In your presence, there is perfect peace
In the stillness, I behold your deity
God of wonders, God of power is here
God is here

I praise God for my scars because they make me more like Him. Will you praise Him for yours?

She took her seam ripper and began to remove the stitches from her quilt she had sewn in error. As she did, she noticed they had left a trail behind. A trail of scars. Without them she wouldn’t have known her mistake. She learned the right stitch she had to make. She smiled as she thought about her scars in life. Each one made her who she was. Like her Saviour.


*Quote from Worship the King by Chris Tiegreen

Job 5:17-19 (The Message)

“So, what a blessing when God steps in and corrects you! Mind you, don’t despise the discipline of Almighty God! True, he wounds, but he also dresses the wound; the same hand that hurts you, heals you. From one disaster after another he delivers you; no matter what the calamity, the evil can’t touch you—”

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  1. susan steeves

    Oh My!!! This is so powerful and full of truth.Thank the Lord our mighty Saviour for healing us and even though there are scars left behind I am thankful for His grace in my journeyLove ya Sis


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