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What if…we were content with what we have?

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Taylor turned from side to side trying to catch a glimpse of all angles of the wedding gown in the full-length mirror. Her boyfriend finally popped the question and put a sparkling diamond on her finger. With their big day only months away, she needed to find the perfect dress—and fast.

She peered over her shoulder to check out the lace feathering down the back.

“Mom, what do you think?”

“It looks gorgeous on you,” her mother said. “I like it the best so far.”

Taylor placed her hand on her stomach and sucked in. Then out. She wondered if she would ever have a flat tummy. All those trips to the gym still weren’t working.

What if she stopped eating for awhile? Would that help? Probably not. And she loved food too much.

She ran her fingertips down her long blonde hair.

Would I look better as a brunette with curls? Or a redhead?

Her mother tilted her head. “What are you thinking?”

“That I need to lose weight and I hate my hair.”

“Taylor, stop. You are perfect the way you are.”

She played with the satin ribbon around her waist. “Hardly.”

“Josiah thinks so. He proposed, didn’t he?”

Taylor did one more turn. “You’re right. This is the dress.”

Her mother nodded.

Why are we never content with what God has given us? We don’t like the way we look. Our hair is too straight or too curly. We might dislike our job. We wished we were smarter.

Oh, and don’t forget the need to keep up with the Joneses. We want more stuff—the latest and greatest gadgets.

Are we saying what God has given us isn’t good enough? It sure sounds like it.

Didn’t He create us in His image? Why aren’t we satisfied then?

As a child, I hated the color of my hair and wondered why I happened to be the child who was “blessed” with it. Why not my brother or sister? They didn’t have to listen to the older ladies saying, “Dear, you have such pretty hair.” Or being called “Carrot Top.” I used to argue with people and tell them carrot tops were green, not red!

As I grew older, my opinion began to change and I started to like being a redhead. You know why? Because it’s different. I’m different. God made me unique.

We are all special in our own ways. God has given us each a gift. Mine might be different than yours, but not better. And vice-versa.

What would happen if we were content with what we had? A few things. Our bank accounts would be stronger. 🙂 Our insecurities would diminish, and we’d stop worrying so much about what others thought of us.

Why not thank God today for what He’s given you? After all, He’s made you in His image.

And that’s perfect!

Genesis 1:7 (NIV)

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

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  1. susan steeves

    Thank-you for writing about this topic that we all have a problem with. Even Adam and Eve at the beginning of creation being tempted were not content with who they were. I deal with this daily, both professionally and personally and only my Saviour can help me be content with who I am; made in His image.
    Being a Beautiful red-head is only part of who you are in Him. Love ya, Sis


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