I would like to introduce Rita Appel this week in my guest blog. Rita joined our writer’s club (Women Writing for Christ – WWC) a few years ago and captured our hearts with her poems. I love her enthusiast spirit. It hasn’t come easy for her. She’s had many challenges in her life, but God has been faithful. Rita has used her pain to craft poems to help others. This particular one came out of a challenge at her workplace. I chose it because I can be a worrier and I’m sure many of you are too. Listen to her words.

Thanks Rita for sharing your heart with us. Please let her know how her poem touched you by posting a comment. Enjoy!

Do Not Worry

The day will start and the day will end
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow yet to come
Look to tomorrow, drawing always
From past experience, but live today
Today could be light and bright
Or dark and gloomy, you decide
We can only choose the paths
Not the destinations
Paths, choices, destinations
Always trusting in what’s right
Living, loving, doing
Always moving onward, never back
One choice, one step, one day
Ever focused on the Father
Loving, caring, guiding
He will always be there
As we trust in His strength,
We learn to hope
Knowing that as we travel
Some day in Him we will Rest.
(Rita Appel, May 2003)

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