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What if…we changed our perspective?

by | Jun 4, 2012 | , , | What If... | 7 comments

Amelia drummed her fingers on the stadium’s armrest. Her knees bounced as she waited for the synchronized swimmers to dazzle them. She had been looking forward to the show for months.

Her mother placed a hand on Amelia’s knee. “Will you stop?”

The fifteen year-old smiled. “Sorry, I’m just excited.”

Amelia loved to swim and her coach encouraged her to try synchronized swimming. First, she wanted to see a live event. She clasped her hands on her knees and leaned forward.

The microphone squealed and popped to life. Amelia sat upright.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the announcer said. “Welcome to our third annual swimming event. Today you will be impressed by the different teams. First up, Germany. Let’s welcome them to Canada.”

The applause deafened Amelia as the swimmers made their synchronized entrance to the music and side-dropped into the pool one by one.

After their first number, Amelia turned to her mother. “That wasn’t really very exciting. They only kicked in different directions.”

Her mother stood. “Come with me.”

She tilted her head. “Where?”

“Trust me.”

Amelia shrugged and followed her mother up the stairs. When they reached a landing her mother pointed. “Look at them now.”

Amelia gasped. From the higher viewpoint, the swimmers formed a beautiful five petal flower and moved like they danced in a breeze. She clapped. “Oh, I so want to do this. Amazing.”

Have you ever been so close to a situation, you couldn’t see straight? Things appeared bleak and you didn’t know where to turn? Perhaps you’re there right now.

As a writer, sometimes I get stuck on a scene. I don’t like where it’s going. Then, I take step back and read the chapter before it. Usually, it helps put things into perspective or gives me a new idea. Sometimes walking away for a while helps too. When I come back, I look at it from another viewpoint. It gives me a fresh approach.

Then, I’m ready to move on.

Have you watched the movie Soul Surfer? In one scene, the youth leader (played by Carrie Underwood) shows the group a magnified part of a picture. It’s distorted, ugly or just plain strange. She asks them what they think it is, but the group has no idea—until the picture is revealed in full. When we change our point of view, it gives us a whole new light on a situation.

Sometimes we get too close and our circumstance doesn’t make sense. In order to put it into perspective, we should step back for a different viewpoint. Wait for a while. Talk to someone we trust. Stop trying to figure things out until we have all the facts. Pray about any decisions before making them or before giving someone our opinion.

Take a fresh approach. Then, we can move on.

What would happen if we changed our perspective? I believe we would see our world from a totally different angle. We’d become better Christians, spouses, siblings, parents, friends, co-workers…the list goes on.

How about it? Will you join me and step back for a better viewpoint?

I guarantee—our perspective will change.


  1. Loretta Eidson

    So true, Darlene. I had to do that with my writing late yesterday. Thanks for sharing.

    • Darlene L. Turner

      Me too, Loretta! Sometimes we need to just take a break and come back renewed and refreshed. Same thing in other areas of our life!

  2. Heather.

    Right on, time and distance often gives us a better perspective. 🙂

  3. Diane Spearing

    Wow Dar… I luv this one. So many times I have jumped to conclusions and have been so wrong. Thank you for pulling me back to look at things how God would. Luv you Angel!

  4. susan steeves

    Thanks Dar for the truth you have shared through this blog. I especially like the film clip.The visual comes along side of what you have written and confirms what we need to embrace daily. Love ya Sis


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