Murray leaned in closer to his laptop to get a better look at the test results. He removed his glasses, cleaned the smudges, and put them back on. Was he seeing correctly?

He reviewed the document again.

Did they just do the impossible?

Murray moved the electronic file to his private folder for safekeeping and backed up his computer. He knew if others caught wind of this amazing discovery, they would use it to get rich. He couldn’t let them have it.

The world needs this.

His boss entered the room with a coffee in one hand and a donut in the other. “Well, what did you find out?” He took a bite.

“You’re not going to believe it, Andy. Look at his.” Murray opened the file.

Andy stepped closer. The cup slipped from his hand and shattered as it hit the floor. “Well, I’ll be.”

“Do you think we can do it?”

“All we need to do is take that first step and then the waters will part for the entire world.”

“Okay, I’ll get started.”

Andy’s eyebrows creased. “Murray, don’t tell anyone about this and keep looking over your shoulder. We only have a small window before the others find out. Then it will get swallowed up.”

“Looks like I’ll be pulling an all-nighter.”

Murray cleaned up the mess on the floor and then fell to his knees.

Did they really just find the cure for all diseases?

Yes, it would part the waters and the world will never be the same.

Murray smiled and went to his computer.

Wow. Can you imagine if someone actually found the cure for all diseases? That would be a miracle.

Moses needed a miracle—and quick. His people were in danger and Pharaoh’s army was right behind them. God told Moses to hold out his staff and the waters would part. They did. The Israelites had safe passage through the deadly sea. They got away from the enemy and overcame a huge obstacle.

What can we learn from Moses in this famous story?

Moses took a step of faith. What do you think went through Moses’ mind when God told him He would part the waters? That the only way for escape was to step into the sea and start walking? I probably would have said, “Are you crazy?” Did he hesitate? I doubt it. After all, he had a deadly army behind him. He was trusting God to remove the obstacle in front of him. His people’s lives were at stake. Is there a step of faith you need to take? A decision you need to make? Are you dipping your toes in to feel the waters because you’re scared? Let’s just step in and get our feet wet. Do it in faith knowing God will remove the obstacles.

Moses didn’t look back. He kept going knowing he was doing what God told him to. There are times in life when we hesitate and start asking questions. Don’t get me wrong, we need to get all the facts before taking our step of faith, but once we do we need to trust our gut and not look back. We could drive ourselves crazy by doing this. I know there have been times I have!

Moses didn’t look forward. He lived in the moment and filled the need of getting his people to safety. He probably didn’t stop and ponder what would happen tomorrow. He didn’t have time! The army was closing in. Sometimes looking too far ahead can be just as scary as looking back. The unknowns and “what ifs?” can paralyze us. They keep us from doing what we’re called to do. Live in the moment. Trust God with the future.

What obstacle is in front of you? Do you need God to part the waters? Or has He and you’re just too scared to walk in?

Step in with faith. Don’t worry—He’ll carry you if you slip and fall.

If you could snap your fingers and do the impossible, what would it be and why? Share in the comments section.

Exodus 14:21-22 (NIV)

“Then Moses stretched out his handover the sea, and all that night the Lord drove the sea back with a strong east wind and turned it into dry land. The waters were divided, and the Israelites went through the sea on dry ground, with a wall of water on their right and on their left.”

Moses Parting the Red Sea – The Ten Commandments

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