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Simon wiped the sweat from his brow. His heart raced from the excursion of the sweltering summer day. Jaedon had signed a deal with the investors that required them to meet impossible dates, so they had to work seven days a week.

Simon eyed his brother’s colorful jacket hanging from the antenna of a nearby truck and gritted his teeth. Did he really need to bring it everywhere? Simon grabbed another piece of lumber and chucked it on the pile causing the rest to tumble forward, nearly hitting Larry’s foot.

Larry jumped back. “Watch it. Slow down.”

“We’ll never meet these stupid dates. What was Jaedon thinking?”

“I know. Speaking of the mastermind dreamer, here he comes.”

Simon’s eyes narrowed as he glanced at Jaedon walking down the construction site. “We need to get rid of him somehow. If he’s gone, the investors will have to deal with us.”

Ralph joined the group. “What did you have in mind? Hogtie him and parade him around in his underwear? Disgrace him?”

They chuckled.

“That would be too easy,” Larry said. “I’m already ahead of you. Our irritating brother’s surprise is coming today.”

Jaedon walked to the group. “Howdy, what’s going—”

A truck pulled into the site at high speed, interrupting his question. Two men hopped out, grabbed Jaedon at gunpoint and forced him into the truck. They sped away, leaving a tornado of dust behind.

Ralph’s jaw dropped. “What did you do, Larry?”

“Called in a favor. Don’t worry they won’t hurt him.” Larry grabbed Jaedon’s coat from the truck. “Let’s just say the sharks in the next county could use another worker.”

“You mean you sold him?”

“Kind of.” Larry threw the flashy jacket in the dirt, stomped on it, and handed one end to Simon. “Hold tight.”

Larry pulled, ripping the jacket down the middle. “There, we’ll give this to Dad for proof that Jaedon was taken. Then he’ll have to put us in charge.”

Have you ever been jealous of someone so much that it turned to hated? I hope not! However, it sure looks like Joseph’s brothers did. Take a look at the next part of the story.

Me pouting probably because I was jealous about someone else's gift! ha!

Me pouting probably because I was jealous about someone else’s gift! ha!

They plotted against him. From the time they spotted Joseph coming in the distance, they hatched a plan to get rid of him. How could brothers be so downright ruthless? Did they harbor that much hatred for Joseph in their hearts? Apparently. Their jealousy turned to anger and then deep routed into something deadly. Why do we hold in our anger? We need to go to that person and talk it out. If we don’t it could fester and grow into the same type of hatred as it did for Joseph’s brothers. Oh, maybe not as drastic, but still terrible. Don’t let that happen!

They acted on their hatredand sinned. Not only did their jealousy turn to anger and then hatred, but they actually took it upon themselves to get rid of Joseph. Thankfully, Reuben intervened or the other brothers would have killed Joseph! Instead, they sold their brother. Has your anger turned to sin? Confess and make it right with God.

They covered up their sin. After selling Joseph they took his beautiful coat, dipped it in blood, and showed it to their father. All to prove his precious son had been killed. They probably hoped to take first place in their father’s life now. Wow…what cunning minds, huh? We definitely don’t want to follow their example!

Are you harboring any jealously in your life? We need to deal with these feelings. Get them out in the open and confess them so we can move on. If we don’t, they will fester until they boil over into anger. If that happens the consequences can be dangerous. I believe if Joseph’s brothers had dealt with their jealousy properly, they would have been filled with joy instead of all that contagious and decaying anger.

Don’t let yourself be sold to anger. Choose to break the bondage and be free with an unspeakable joy!

You won’t be sorry.

Why do you think Joseph’s brothers were so jealous? Have you ever been that jealous? Share your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you!

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Genesis 37:28 (NIV)

“So when the Midianite merchants came by, his brothers pulled Joseph up out of the cistern and sold him for twenty shekels of silver to the Ishmaelites, who took him to Egypt.”

I’ve Got Joy – Charlotte Ritchie

I fell in love with Charlotte’s voice the first time I heard her. This song is bound to get your toe tapping (come on, you can do it!). How can you not have joy when you listen to it?!!!

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  1. susan steeves

    Hey Sissy, Wow the story of Joseph has always intrigued me, especially how God honoured his life and allowed him to rise above what happened to him. I love the pic! Did I get something you wanted? ha! Thanks for bringing these stories to us with a modern day lesson. Love ya.

    • Darlene L. Turner

      Joseph definitely has a unique story, doesn’t he?! I’m thinking from the look on my face I probably was jealous of something you got that I didn’t! Ha! My bad. Congrats…you get your name in the draw for DiAnn’s book! Thanks for commenting.

  2. Steph

    I get two entries. I get two entries. 😀

  3. Diane Spearing

    Dar…what a beautiful song. I listened to it today and it refocused my thinking. It was a good Monday. Thank you so much for using your gift for God’s glory!! God bless you my angel.

    • Darlene L. Turner

      Thanks Di! I love that song. So uplifting. Thanks for your continual support. xo

  4. Lyndie Blevins

    Without Jesus, it would be impossible to manage jealous of siblings, let alone the world.

    • Darlene L. Turner

      Hi Lyndie! Thanks for commenting. Yes, you’re right….definitely impossible without Him!
      Hope to see you at the Writing for the Soul conference!
      God bless,


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