It’s a WHAT?

Let’s have some fun. Take a look at the picture below. Do you know what it is? For those of you who were with me when I took this, please DON’T say anything. Let’s see how many get it right! 😀

Braids of Strength

Simon tugged on his braid and rolled his eyes. How much more of her chatter could he take? If only he could put a muzzle on those bright red lips. He’d been dating Desiree for six months. At first it was heaven, but now her needling burrowed into him like a tick on...

Poison Apple

Eva tapped her toe, waiting for Sheldon to finish his drawn out spiel on how his website could benefit her. He reminded her of a tacky car salesman. Hair slicked back, shifty eyes, and a fake smile. He rolled his chair closer, invading her space. She cringed and...

Fun House

What memory pops into your mind when you see this picture? I’ll share mine at the end of the week. Have fun and let your imagination run wild!

Heaven’s Portal

Picture This…. I took this shot when I was recharging with my sister on Harrison Mountain. Amazing, huh? What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you look at it? Let your imagination run wild and share your thoughts in the comment section! P.S....

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