Yup! You guessed it. I’m getting a head start on my crafts to sell in December. I never get bored with painting winter scenes. Love snowmen, gingerbread people, and penguins! I just finished these. Aren’t they cute?

Next up? A bigger project. Haven’t decided on what yet.

This week I did some de-clutterizing (I know…that’s not a word, but work with me…) and cleaned out my wood pieces. I’ve accumulated too many, so it’s time to downsize.

Now my workspace is organized again. Phew.

Happy crafting my friends!

P.S. Watch for an upcoming post where I will be interviewing my favorite designer—Jamie Mills-Price. I’m so excited. 😀

Do you need a clean space to craft (or write)? I do. Share your secrets in keeping it organized.

Ornament Collage

Designs by Jamie Mills-Price

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