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“Is heaven a hope or as real as the earth and sky?” – Todd Burpo

Is our faith big enough to believe there is a heaven and that it IS for real? Or do we, as adults need to figure everything out and rationalize it? I believe we do.

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This is why I feel we need to see Heaven is for Real. This movie touches our hearts and helps us regain our child-like faith. Faith that looks at heaven through the eyes of a child. Listen to this quote from Pastor Todd Burpo, author of the book of the same title.

“God just knew the world needed a kid to talk about heaven and it’s only God who could come up with this, and He did.”


“All the colors of the rainbow are in heaven. Except they’re all….more.” Spoken from a child, trying to get his father to picture heaven. Four-year old Colton Burpo is rushed to the hospital with appendicitis and not expected to live. Miraculously he does and starts to share his experiences of sitting on Jesus’ knee.


At first his parents shrug it off, but after Colton starts to share things he could never have known unless he indeed did go to heaven. Their hearts are stirred. Could this be true? They dig deeper and come to believe.

Soon the town starts to hear Colton’s story, including the media. When asked what heaven looks like, Colton answers, “Like here, but even more beautiful.”

This movie is based on a true story and will grip your heart, not letting it go. The acting is superb and while there are a couple of slow spots, the storyline moves along nicely. The cast includes some popular names, such as:

Greg Kinnear as Todd Burpo (Rake, The Kennedy’s)

Kelly Reilly as Sonja Burpo (Sherlock Holmes, Flight)

Thomas Haden Church as Jay Wilkins (Spider-Man 3, All About Steve)

Margo Martindale as Nancy Rawling (The Millers, Justified)

Colton Burpo is played by newcomer, Connor Corum. He is so cute and did an amazing job! I think we’ll be seeing him in more movies.

Finally a movie the entire family can enjoy together! It’s exciting to see Hollywood bring films like this to the big screen. We need to support it. Go and see Heaven is for Real.

And believe.

Heaven is For Real – Official Trailer (Sony Pictures Entertainment)

**I had the opportunity to attend an exclusive sneak peek of this movie courtesy of Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. and Sony Pictures Entertainment in exchange for my review.**


  1. henrymclaughlin

    This movie is on my must see list. I saw the trailer in the theater and I was hooked then.
    Thanks, Darlene.

    • Darlene L. Turner

      You’re welcome! It’s a very heart-warming movie! Made me see heaven through a child’s eyes. Refreshing!!

  2. Diane Spearing

    Wow I just got home from seeing this movie. My 15 year old son and I saw it. I was overwhelmed with the reality of my family and loved ones in heaven and that they are with Jesus and a little boy confirmed that with what he saw in Heaven. As Christians, I am truly convicted that we need to completely and totally support this movie.. The theaters should be packed and this should be at the top of the charts. My Son was truly impacted as was I with the Love the Christ has for us.

  3. Darlene L. Turner

    I totally agree, Di. This movie will impact lives for Him!!!! I plan to go see it again.

  4. Deborah gillespie

    What a precious gift to share. Heaven IS real. God whispers each day the joys that await those who believe in Him. Think on Heaven and God every day. Give praise and lift up prayers for all people. He’s holding our hand.

    • Darlene L. Turner

      Yes, he’s definitely holding our hands. Thanks for stopping by!


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