I’m excited to be part of a new Blog Spot Community. You will see me reviewing movies and books from time to time. Here’s my first movie review with this group. Keep reading this review for your chance to win a copy of the DVD!

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Redemption of the CommonsRedemption-of-the-Commons

—A movie of hope and finding purpose in life.


What do you do when everything you’ve worked for has been ripped out from under you? Do you wallow in self-pity? Or give up and move on?

Victor Clay faces this exact scenario in the movie Redemption of the Commons. Living out of his van in Los Angeles, his dream of becoming a big marketing company is sinking in quicksand. Fast. After losing a big account and having his van is repossessed, he returns to the one place he fled—the tattered trailer park community of The Commons.

the commons

Not everyone is happy to see Victor including his ex-fiancee, brother, and others he abandoned to follow his dream. He struggles to find his purpose in life and when “Pops” tells him that God has a plan he poses a question.

“You really believe that? How do I find it?”

“Maybe it finds you.”

This movie has a great redemption theme and the acting is good. I enjoyed watching it. However, I did find it slow in spots. I would give it three stars. I think the audience will enjoy watching Victor as he trusts in God and sees his purpose in bringing redemption to The Commons and his own life.


I have two copies of this DVD to give away! Tell me your favorite movie in the comments section and I will enter your name in the ballot to win. Open to Canada and US residents only. Contest ends Wednesday, March 4th (midnight).

**I received a complimentary copy of the DVD in exchange for my honest review.

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