How do you say goodbye to someone so young and dear to you? You don’t.

At least, that’s not what I said to my brother. I blew him kisses and said, “I love you.”

canoe3It was one of the hardest “goodbyes” I’ve ever had to say. It ripped my heart in two.

Last week I spoke about 2015 and how it held both pain and joy. I also referred to my two words for 2016: believe and possible.

And then WHAM!

mur sue darThe first four days of 2016 were some of the most heart-wrenching I’ve ever had to face. Do I still trust that all things are possible if only we believe?


God did provide a miracle, but just not in the way we thought. On January 4, 2016, my brother ran into his Saviour’s arms. He’s now free and his body is whole. He’s singing with the saints along with our parents. For that I’m grateful.

On January 8th, we celebrated Murray’s life. Hundreds gathered to pay their respects. This proved what I already knew. My brother was a man of honour. A man people admired. He was loved by many.

I wanted to share with you the family memories I spoke about at Mur’s funeral.

  • When we were younger, Mur used to make fun of the color of my hair. He said I washed my hair in rusted pipes, so he started calling me “Rusty brains.” Not sure if he was making fun of my hair or my IQ.
  • We spent hours playing on Harrison Mtn. We built the best tree house in Elgin County. We each had our own “rooms” on different branches. Of course with Murray being the oldest, he had to have the best branch.
  • rulesMurray always had a love for Star Wars and Star Trek. That rubbed off on Sue and I. We loved to watch them too. However, I never quite got over my fear of the “salt monster.”
  • These are just some of the many fun memories I have of my dear brother that I will hold on to. Murly-the-whurly . . . Darly-the-wharly misses you and loves you very much, but I hold to our Savior’s promise that we will see you again one day. Until then, this is for you. (I blew kisses.)

Someone described my brother as a “quiet warrior” and I agree! This is exactly who Murray was. He’d do anything for you. He’d fight for you on his knees.

And he fought his cancer battle with all his might with his amazing wife, Natalie, right by his side. God provided so many miracles. Their faith stood strong. Was it tough? You bet, but they both praised God through it all.

Our quiet warrior has won the battle. He’s home and standing tall on that mountain, shouting, “I’m free!”

warrior mur

A Tribute to Murray Harrison

Thanks to Brent Smith for putting this together. It’s a glimpse into my brother’s life and the amazing legacy he’s left behind. I love you, Mur! xo

On My Way Home (by Jim Brady)

This is an incredible song by a great songwriter. It captures the essence of our journey here on earth. We’re only passing through on our way home. Murray, you’re now home. I miss you, but will see you again one day. Love you. xo <3

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