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Little Women, Big God
By Debbie W. Wilson
— It’s not the size of your problems, but the size of your God.
Do you think the women of the Bible were perfect? Had their lives together?
Think again.
But God used them in a BIG way.
little women big godIn fact, the women featured in Debbie Wilson’s study, Little Women, Big God, all had a purpose. A surprising family tree to Jesus. What bigger purpose could you have than that?
And yet, they all had flaws. One was a harlot, one a deceiver, and another an adulterer.
So, God can turn our problems around and use them and us for His glory.
Little Women, Big God is an awesome study on five women of the Bible, broken down in ten weeks. They are:
Week One: Tamar – When You Need Grace
Week Two: Rahab – When You Long for Unshakable Faith
Week Three: Ruth (Part 1) – When You Grieve
Week Four: Ruth (Part 2) – When You Are Empty
Week Five: Bathsheba (Part 1) – When You Are Desperate for a Bath
Week Six: Bathsheba (Part 2) – When You Yearn for Supernatural Strength
Week Seven: Bathsheba (Part 3) – When You Hope to Move Forward
Week Eight: Mary the Mother of Jesus (Part 1) – When You Face the Impossible
Week Nine: Mary the Mother of Jesus (Part 2) – When You Dream of Peace
Week Ten: Your Story – When You Gotta Tell Somebody
This book is well written. Mrs. Wilson brings her counseling expertise into the mix and writes an excellent study. It’s easy to read and is broken down into five days for every week. At the end of each week, there is a spot to write prayer requests. It can be done on your own or as part of a group. She also encourages us to write down what God is teaching us each week and share it online with the hashtag #LittleWomenBigGod. This will create a community. I love that!
Every week Mrs. Wilson gives us insight into each of these women’s lives and their problems, helping us to relate to our lives today. The questions she raises help us to probe deeper for a richer experience.
My only concern would be the daily reads may be a bit long for some (only a smidgen though), but I would encourage everyone to keep plugging. Take time to study God’s word. He is always worth it!
I give Little Women, Big God four stars. If you’re looking for a fresh study for your women’s group, this book is for you!
Pick it up at your nearest bookstore or you can find it online.
**Book has been provided courtesy of the publisher in exchange for my honest review.
About Debbie:debbie
Debbie W. Wilson is an ordinary woman who has experienced an extraordinary God. Drawing from her personal walk with Christ, twenty-four years as a Christian counselor, and decades as a Bible teacher, Debbie speaks and writes to help women discover relevant faith. She and her husband, Larry, founded Lighthouse Ministries in 1991. They, along with their two grown children and two standard poodles, enjoy calling North Carolina home. Share her journey to refreshing faith at her blog., (www.debbiewwilson.com


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