I had a conversation with a friend this week on how we as individuals will never agree on everything. It’s true. We all have different opinions, beliefs, values, etc. However, there’s one thing I know we’d all agree on.
Life’s hard. It’s messy—full of pain.
We can’t go through it without being touched by some sort of suffering. Impossible.
So what do we do about it? How do we handle it?
steady my heart
Some run and hide. They may throw themselves into their work or take up an activity to keep busy. Others may do something more destructive like an addiction of some sort.
It just hurts too much to face what we’re going through.
But there’s hope. There’s One who can help.
All we need to do is run to Him. He’ll keep us in the palm of His huge hands, never wavering from our side.
He’ll steady our hearts.
Is there something you need to leave with Him? Trust Him and let Him steady your heart. How can I pray for you?
Steady My Heart (by Kari Jobe)
This song not only has a catchy beat to it but powerful words. Listen to them and then run to Him! He’ll steady your heart.

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