Do you wonder why some trials are tougher than others? Why it takes longer to walk through some?
I do.
I believe God has more to teach us through some trials than others. We become stronger and better equipped to help friends in time of their need when we’ve been through similar circumstances. Isn’t that what it’s all about?
Don’t get me wrong. It’s tough going through trials, no matter how big or small they are and God can use them.
There are just times when He chooses not to calm the storms, but us instead. To help us through the raging waters to get to the other side.
It’s there we’ll find peace. We’ll see the sun’s rays peeking through and we’ll become stronger for it.
Are you going through a trial right now? How can I pray for you?
Sometimes He Calms the Storm (written by Benton Kevin Stokes, Tony W. Wood – sung by The Ball Brothers)
The words of this song are powerful. We never know when the storms will be calmed, but we do know He can calm His children.

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