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Miracles are everywhere. Miracles are God’s way of letting us know He’s here.
–Christy Beam
How do you deal with the grief of finding out your child has a terrible disease? One that has no cure? This is exactly what the Beam family faced.
“Are you there? Do you even hear me? Because I don’t hear you.” Words spoken by Christy Beam to God when she found out her daughter Annabel Beam had an incurable digestive motility disorder that would probably take her daughter’s life. Christy lost her faith. Or at least she thought she did.
Miracles From Heaven is based on the true story of the Beam family and what they went through with Annabel’s sickness. This family was tested. There’s no doubt about it. From medical expenses, endless trips to doctors, to fellow believers accusing them of not having enough faith as to the reason of why Annabel wasn’t healed—they went through it all.
miraclesThen a miracle came along. A mother prays around a tree while they wait. A family is restored. Faith is reborn. In the end, when Annabel talks about her divine moment she says, “It’s all right, Mom. Not everyone is going to believe. And that’s okay. They’ll get there when they get there.” Love that.
This movie had me from the opening scene. I loved the Beam family. They each had such an important part of the story. Jennifer Garner is amazing in this role. Outstanding. Her scene in the hospital when she demands they find out what’s wrong with her daughter grips you to the core. Kylie Rogers plays the role of Annabel Beam superbly. What a talented actress. We’ll definitely be seeing her in many movies to come. I also loved Dr. Nurko. He brought the much-needed humor to the story as well as Queen Latifah.
This movie was a well-done family film. Strong faith-driven values without sounding preachy. The end scene when Christy speaks in the church gripped me. I will forever be looking at the miracles around me. They ARE everywhere! Even when we think they’re not.
Well done Sony Entertainment. We need more movies like this.
I give Miracles From Heaven five tissues. You’re going to need an entire box when you watch this movie. It’s superb!
**Special screening link to this movie was provided by Sony Entertainment Canada and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. for my honest review.


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