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Deadly Encounter
By DiAnn Mills
What does a body, a dog with a bloody paw, and a downed drone all have in common? They’re all found together by airport ranger volunteer and veterinarian Stacy Broussard on what she thought would be a peaceful Saturday morning. Far from it.
Soon her life is turned upside down because of this one deadly encounter, putting her chances of adopting Whitt, the special boy in her life, at risk.
FBI Special Agent Alex LeBlanc doesn’t trust witnesses anymore, especially the beautiful Stacy Broussard. Was she telling him everything?
Deadly Encounter
Stacy and Alex find themselves working together to solve this puzzling mystery of drones, tainted water, and viruses before it affects the entire community. Will they learn to trust each other in the process?
DiAnn Mills has done it again! Deadly Encounter is another fabulous read from the get go. Her ability to weave a plot amazes me every time. She’s a masterful storyteller and one every writer can learn from and every reader can be sure they’ll be blessed with an amazing read.
Her characters are always well planned and full of backstory. I especially loved Whitt and his IQ. He’s adorable! I loved his overprotectiveness when it came to Alex and Stacy. So cute. Well done, DiAnn!
The author’s ability to pull the reader onto every page using sensory detail is superb. Drawing us in and keeping us there isn’t easy to do, but she does it beautifully.
A real page turner!
I give Deadly Encounter five dog bones. It’s one mystery you’ll want to sink your teeth into and not let go! 😉


  1. diannmills

    Loved it!
    Now I’ll spread it to the world!

    • Darlene L. Turner

      Glad you liked it. Such a great read, DiAnn! Love your books!


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