Have you ever been so broken about something you wondered if God had passed you by? Perhaps He’s too busy with others to worry about little old you? You see others being blessed and you’re waiting for your turn, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening.
There are times I wonder, “Have you forgotten my name, Lord?” I lift my hand like a student in a classroom. “Oh, oh. What about me?”
I had a moment like this over the past week. Another rejection came through my inbox. I clenched my fist. Can’t I get a break? Aren’t You listening? 
knows-our-nameAnd then the next morning our worship leader led us with this song by Paul Baloche. It was like God hit me over the head with a two-by-four. He hadn’t forgotten about me at all. He knows my name and was calling out to me.
I just had to be still and listen.
He showed me I had to turn that rejection around and not give up. I still had a calling. He revealed this to me in many ways over the days that followed. Affirmation by blessings I couldn’t believe.
What about you? Do you feel He’s forgotten your name? Let’s not believe Satan’s lies any longer.
God knows us each by name. (Click to tweet this) Let’s listen to His call.
And act.
The Same Love by Paul Baloche
Listen closely to the words of these songs. I love the cups he places all over the place in this video. Such a creative way of getting the message across. God is calling out to all of us!

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