I’ve tried to put God in a special box. One that I’ve designed.

I think He should be a certain way. Do a certain thing in my life. I’ve created walls in my mind and put Him behind them. When will I learn?

I think because He’s not working in the way I want Him to in my life, He’s not listening. I try and design my life to fit Him.

When did I forget that He’s the King of the World? He knows everything about me. He knows what’s best for me. His timing is perfect. He makes all things beautiful. Even when I don’t feel Him close to me, He’s there.

Don’t you find society has done the same thing? We’ve made God small and put Him on the back burner. Shame on us. We’ve forgotten the King rules this world. It’s His. We are His. Forgive me, Lord.

We need to give everything in this world and our lives back to Him.


King of the World by Natalie Grant

Listen to the words of this powerful song and let the Lord be King of your world.


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