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Morning glories are God’s way of smiling at us. Their perfect wide faces shine brightly. They are my favorite flower and in the summer time I love to sit at my table on my deck early in the morning. They greet me with lots of blooms as I work on my writing or devotions, and it always brightens my day. But isn’t it a shame they don’t bloom past noon?

I started thinking about morning glories and how we can apply them to life, so I researched the flower. Here are some interesting facts:

They prefer full sun to grow – In life, we require full exposure to God and His word. If we don’t spend time with Him, we will wither and our faith could weaken. This includes getting into the word and praying. I tend to journal my prayers as it helps me to focus more. We all know we live in a busy society and there’s always too much to do. However, we need to be still and focus on Him for growth. Basking in Him allows us to bloom fully.

There are new blooms every morning – God’s mercies are new every day. I love the fresh start to each morning. God’s faithfulness removes the guilt from the day before and replaces it with a brand new start. Old things are gone. New blessings are bestowed from Him. His great promise is He’ll be with us through anything that comes along in the day. Praise Him!

Some species develop thick roots – Our struggles and trials in life help make us stronger. Even though it’s extremely hard to walk through these journeys, we must continue dealing with them head-on. Trying to bypass them leaves us stagnant. We develop a deeper faith when we’re rooted with Him.

They grow in clusters – We have a community of brothers and sisters in Christ and it’s important to meet with them regularly. Our family can help us through the tough times and celebrate our joys. Plus, learning God’s word from our pastors help us to grow.

Morning glories can overrun a flower patch – Words can spread quickly and invade our lives. We need to watch what we say and curb our tongues. If we don’t, we can smother and do serious harm. Asking God for guidance is key.

They will self-seed in the garden – Are we planting God’s seeds in others? There are many days I know I fail in being an effective witness. Shame on me. Living our lives for Christ should emulate in how we live. It helps to plant those seeds and then trust in God to do the rest.

Morning glory blooms are new every morning. We have to savor them because they disappear and shrivel up by noon. God’s mercies and faithfulness are new each day. Thankfully, the guilt and shame we knew disappears. He paid our debt for them. We just need to ask for forgiveness and then bask in every moment He gives us.

Let’s praise Him for the dawn of every morning.

Lamentations 3:22-23 (ESV)

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end;
 they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

Mercies New – Nichole Nordeman


  1. mimionlife

    Morning Glory flowers are one of my favorites. I have special memories of the beautiful blossoms growing and spreading on fences and pathways. Each morning, the blossoms are new. What a wonderful way to remember God’s love for us, new each morning! 🙂

    • Darlene L. Turner

      Totally agree!! Love the morning freshness of the day. God is good. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Loretta Eidson

    I love morning glories, and you’re right, we must take time to spend with Christ in prayer and reading his Word every day.

    • Darlene L. Turner

      Hi, Loretta! Yes, spending time in His word is so important! So nice seeing you in Nashville. Miss you already! xo

  3. Tara

    I love morning glory. Spending time with God every morning is important. And sharing God with people is also important.


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