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A Different Kind of Lion’s Den

by | Dec 12, 2018 | | Other Writings | 0 comments

This was a fun story I wrote for an assignment for the Apprentice course I took through the Christian Writer’s Guild. Enjoy!


Eli had just dozed off when he heard the door hinges screech. He jumped up because he knew that sound only meant one thing. Dinner. Licking his chops, he sauntered over to his friends.

“Troops, our feast awaits us.”

Lynette sat in the corner. “I sure hope this one has more meat on his bones. The last three human specimens were pathetic.”

“Zip it Lynette. You’re always complaining,” Savannah said as she stretched. “And this time, try not to chew so loudly. Your table manners are atrocious. I would like to eat in peace.”

Eli shook his mane. “Ladies, ladies, quit your squabbling. I’m tired and hungry. Let’s go.” He headed towards the human with the others close behind.

As they reached the entrance, what they saw stopped them in their tracks. The human was like none they had ever laid eyes on before.

“Finally, something I can sink my teeth into,” Lynette said. “Who’s the other guy?”

They looked to the right and saw another human-like figure, except this one had a white glow about him.

A powerful voice boomed from the glowing creature.

“Lions, I am an angel sent from God. This human is Daniel and you are not to touch him. He is one of God’s chosen and is meant to lead many. Your jaws will be closed, except for you Eli. You many speak, but not feast on him.”

“But why me?”

“God wants even His animals to worship Him.”

“But how can the human understand me?

“Leave that to me,” the angel said and then disappeared.

“But wait a minute, I…”

The human’s eyes widened. “Whaaat did you say?”

“Well, how do you like that? He was right.”

“Who?” asked the human.

“The angel that stood beside you.”

The human looked to the right. “Huh? I didn’t see anyone standing there.” He pointed to the others. “And what’s wrong with them and why can I understand what you’re saying?”

Eli lifted his paws up in the air. “Beats me. The angel did it.”

“I’ve heard about this place. People are devoured here. Why aren’t you trying to eat me?”

“The angel said something about a God and you were the chosen one. Whatever that means.”

The human fell to his knees. “Praise God. He heard my prayers and protected me.”


“My God is faithful. The king’s men tried to stop me from praying to Him, but I wouldn’t do it. Because of my faith God rewarded me.”

“But why you? There have been hundreds sent down here that weren’t saved.”

“I guess there is still work that He wants me to do.”

“What have you done for Him?”

The human laughed. “Well, I guess we have all night. I have lots to tell you.”

Eli walked over to where the human sat and laid down. He heard Lynette and Savannah follow. “Any God that can shut our mouths from devouring a human is one that I want to hear about. Let’s get started.”


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