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The Line Between

By Tosca Lee

Wynter Roth doesn’t fit in at New Earth. She finds herself rebelling until she’s finally cast out, leaving her lost in a world deemed to be fallen by her former leader. When an outbreak of a mysterious deadly disease emerges and the power grid plunges them into darkness, Wynter is shaken. Her sister, wife of the New Earth’s leader, escapes and shows up on her doorstep with answers to the disease hidden in a container that Wynter must get it to Colorado as fast as she can and save her niece from the evil clutches of the cult’s leader. Her sister disappears into the night, fearing she’s being followed.

Wynter sets off on the puzzling journey but is met with obstacles along the way until she’s forced to abandon her broken-down vehicle. A former military man, Chase Miller, comes to her rescue, but can she trust him? The pair soon find themselves in a race against time when Wynter is labeled a murderer. Can they dodge their captors and get the samples to their destination before the disease takes over the entire country?

The plot in the novel The Line Between is original and full of some great twists. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it kept me turning the pages. However, I did find it a bit confusing at the beginning trying to keep the two separate time periods straight and a bit slow but caught on quickly. The pace quickened (along with my pulse!) and I found myself wanting to know more about Wynter’s journey.

The characters jumped out at me and I cheered Wynter and Chase on as they raced across the country trying to get to Colorado. The secondary characters were well-rounded and served the purpose of the plot nicely.

The use of the five senses was well done and I could picture their trek in the car through the snow, even feeling the chilliness of the air.

I definitely will be reading more novels by Tosca Lee. Loved this one.

I give The Line Between four stars. Cozy up by the fire to stay warm on this cross-country trek!

**An e-copy of this novel was provided to me by NetGalley for my honest opinion.

If you want to learn more about Tosca Lee, click here for her website.

This book releases tomorrow, January 29th! Pick up your copy now.


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