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Identity Crisis – From My Playlist – Hello, My Name Is

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We probably have all struggled with our identities at one point or another. Today’s society doesn’t help with this. Young girls see beautiful pictures of models on the front of fashion magazines and then they look in the mirror. And question—

Who am I? More specifically . . .

Who am I in Christ?

In my current WIP (work-in-progress), my heroine is stripped of something (sorry, can’t tell you what!) which makes her question her identity. She has to come to terms with a change in her life and who she is in Christ.

The deceiver tries to tell us we’re no good. A mistake. Loser.

However, that’s a LIE. A big fat one.

We are a child of the one true King. His love is unconditional. No matter what we look like. No matter our vocation. If we’re single or married.

Doesn’t matter. His love has crushed the deceiver and all of his deception.

We no longer have an identity crisis. We’re God’s children.

Let’s not listen to the lies.

Hello, my name is . . .

Child of the One True King.

What’s yours?

Hello, My Name Is (by Matthew West)

We sang this song recently in church and I fell in love with it. The words are powerful. Listen and remember YOU are loved.


  1. Laurie Wood

    A wonderful reminder, Darlene and a great song too!

    • Darlene L. Turner

      Thanks, Laurie! Yes, the song is powerful. Thanks for stopping by!


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