Bernadette Santos has just been promoted to detective when she’s thrust into a murder case that will not only stretch her abilities but hit too close to home. Can she prove herself and solve the mystery?

Dr. Daniel O’Leary is a visitor to Pleasant Valley and working with his coroner aunt, but his real identity is off-limits to everyone, including her. Can he keep his secrets while falling in love with the rookie detective?

Can Bernadette and Daniel race against time and solve the case before anyone else is killed?

This is the first book I’ve read by Deborah Sprinkle and I must admit I’m now a fan. I enjoyed this story. The plot kept me reading and the suspense held me in its grip. It’s a fast read and the characters are likable. The parrot made me laugh at times. Loved Lori Darling.

The author’s use of sensory is done effectively. It brings the words on the page to life.

The faith aspect is interwoven effectively without sounding preachy.

I give Death of an Imposter five stars. This book will keep you turning the pages!

**All opinions are my own.

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