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The rain falls in sheets at an angle, pounding the pavement merciless of those caught unaware. I grip my steering wheel and stare at the distance between my car and the Starbuck’s entrance, kicking myself for not grabbing my umbrella before leaving my house. I check the dark ominous clouds surrounding the area. No end in sight.

It’s now or never.

Jumping out of the car, I shelter my face and bolt toward the door. The rain pelts me, drenching my body within seconds as I enter the bustling establishment. The door catches in the wind and brings a fresh spray of dampness to those sitting nearby.

Conversations stop and patrons stare. Heat flushes my cheeks and I make contact with the woman sitting in the corner, cobalt blue eyes luring me in like a fisherman reels in its catch. The color matches her dress and deepens the intensity. Her raven curls fall around the gold headband.

Another beautiful wife of a Patriarch.

I approach and hold out my hand. “Rebekah?”

“Yes.” She returns the gesture. “Quite the storm, huh?”

I wring out my dampened curls and laugh. “Sure is.” I order our lattes and press play on my recorder. “Thanks for agreeing to meet with me.”

“I’m curious to know what this is all about.”

“I’m interviewing different women of the Bible, getting their stories firsthand. First question. What was it like to leave the only home you knew and go marry someone you’d never met? That was a huge step and you did it without thinking twice.”

She chuckles. “You got that right. I still can’t believe I did what I did. I can only say God pushed me. He gave me the strength to step out of my comfort zone and take my chance at love.”

“Were you scared?”

“Absolutely, but I was trusting in God.”

When did you stop trusting Him?rebekah 2 The question races through my mind too fast. I silently kick myself for my judgmental attitude. How many times have you done the same?

I avoid her piercing gaze, thinking she’ll be able to read my thoughts. I check my notes.

“Was it love at first sight for both you and Isaac?”

“Definitely. I had no idea what to expect, but when I saw him in the field I was blown away. It’s true there was an age difference, but I didn’t care. He was so handsome.”

“You were twitterpated.”

She blinks. “Excuse me?”

“Totally smitten with each other.”

“Awwww. Yes, definitely.”

The barista arrives with our lattes, interrupting our conversation. Rebekah takes a sip, leaving a whip cream moustache.

I chuckle and point to her lip. “You left some behind.”

“Oh my!” She grabs a napkin and wipes it off. “I’m not used to these wonderful beverages.”

“I understand, they’re hard to resist diving right in.” I glance at my tough question. How do I ask it without spoiling the mood? There was only one way to do it. Be honest and just come out with it. “God promised you that your youngest son would lead the oldest. Why did you go ahead of God and do everything in your power to ensure that happened? Why trick Isaac?”

Her eyes darken and she flinches before turning her gaze. She folds her napkin back and forth as if making a fan.

Is she trying to find the perfect answer or was she really just a deceptive person?

I refuse to believe the latter. I take a drink, allowing the Patriarch’s wife time to gather her thoughts.

She flattens the napkin, leaving it on the table, and steeples her fingers. “Jacob deserved Isaac’s blessing. It belonged to him. I did what any mother would do for her son. I made it happen.”

“What about Esau? He was your son too.”

She crumbles the napkin into a ball, rolling it in her palms. “It was Jacob’s destiny.”

Wow. She really did set out to deceive.

“Do you regret what you did? Would you turn back the clock and change anything?”

“No. God’s plan was fulfilled. Period.”

But in the right way?

I wanted to scream at her. How could she play God?

Then it hit me like a slap across the face. rebekah

Have I done that? Tried to steer God’s plan in my own favor? She couldn’t believe in His promise and felt the need to intervene to be sure her son received the blessing and rule his older brother.

Are there times we don’t trust God enough to just let Him be? We think we know the right path to take, so we start down it without asking.

Guilty as charged.

Are you?

Rebekah had so much to offer and I’m sure she did. We don’t know what happened after Jacob fled. What we do know is she paid the price. She never got to see her beloved son again.

What price will we pay for our mistakes? Let’s listen to what God has to say and let Him lead.

He’ll fulfill His promises His way.

The best way!

Have you tried to go “ahead of God” in some aspect of your life? Share your thoughts on Rebekah’s story. Do you agree? Did she have a deceptive heart?


What price will we pay for our mistakes? Let’s listen to what God has to say and let Him lead. (Click to Tweet)

Genesis 25:23 (VOICE)

Two nations are growing inside of your womb,
and the two peoples will be divided in the future.
One will be stronger than the other,
and the older will serve the younger.


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