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It didn’t matter which direction I looked, I saw amber, fiery orange, and brilliant red leaves swaying in the breeze. The view takes my breath away and I inhale deeply filling my lungs with the smell of fall. As I stand in the middle of the field on top of Harrison Mountain, I’m reminded of God’s beautiful creation, and I’m thankful.

I praise Him for the different seasons because this way we don’t take them for granted. Each brings something special. Fall brings Thanksgiving, and it was always an important time of year in the Harrison household. My parents instilled in us to have a thankful heart.

I have many special memories growing up of our family celebrating. I believe the most memorable were the times we spent Thanksgiving at the cottage on Harrison Mountain. It has been and still is a favourite spot for my family. Our parents built the cottage where my dad’s house used to sit. It’s a place where we’ve laughed and cried throughout the years.

In 2006, our family was able to celebrate one final Thanksgiving with Mom (Dad had passed away seven years before this) on Harrison Mountain. It was just after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, so our hearts were heavy with the journey we knew was ahead of us, but we still thanked God for being together. The smell of turkey roasting in the oven and the wood burning in the stove filled the air of our small cottage. The birds were singing outside and the leaves were in their full fall splendor. Life was peaceful, even during the storm.

Today on Thanksgiving Monday, I think back to that day and tears fill my eyes. I’m thankful we were able to spend that special time together. I also remember the words Mom said to us continually during her journey. God is good…ALL the time. Another strong stitch in her legacy quilt. Woven in a time of hardship, but still visible.

I’m grateful for a mom and dad who taught me to be thankful, no matter what. Today, I thank God for my wonderful husband and family. They are my Thanksgiving Treasures.

Papa’s Harrison Mountain
By Jeff & Darlene Turner (October 13, 1998)

Do you want to go to a place so peaceful?
Where the birds are singing in the trees
And the wind still blows a beautiful breeze
Up on Harrison Mountain every day.
Lord we thank You for this tranquil ground
Where we feel Your love is all around.
Take us back to where we want to be
To a land where we feel so free.
You will find the moon and stars above
Shining down on the mountain with His love.
Precious family memories are all around
Up on Harrison Mountain every day.


  1. Susan Steeves

    Powerful post Sissy…it made me cry today….such sweet memories…and the last Thanksgiving dinner was one of the most precious moments in our lives as a family.
    God is Good All the time💖

    • Darlene L. Turner

      We had many Thanksgiving memories up on Harrison Mountain, didn’t we, Sissy? Lots of laughs. Such fun! Yes, God is good ALL the time! Love you xo


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