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Holiday Secrets!

Texas Holiday Hideout By Virginia Vaughan When her identity’s exposed, hiding on a lawman’s family ranch is her last hope. Melissa Morgan discovers the hard way the secret her mother kept hidden. They’d been living in WITSEC all her life and she didn’t know it. Once...

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Brilliant Debut!

Cave of Secrets by Shannon Redmon Carli Moore stumbles onto bones in the cave on her family’s ranch where she loved to take refuge during her childhood years. Only this time, it doesn’t bring solace but racks her body with shivers as she peers closer at the skeleton....

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Enough – A Poem by Heather Joyes

My friend Heather Joyes writes amazing and thought-provoking poems. This is her latest. Enjoy.   Enough by Heather Joyes As hope fades A silent stillness prevails, Yet with relentless pursuit I continue in prayer, Trusting the promises In God's Holy Word, My...

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ACFW September New Releases

Are you ready to fall into autumn and everything pumpkin spice? I am! Here are some great reading ideas. Pick up some books from these amazing authors. You won't be disappointed! More in-depth descriptions of these books can be found on the ACFW Fiction Finder...

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Action-Packed Sequel

Cross Shadow by Andrew Huff Pastor John Cross wants to leave his former CIA job in the past forever, but once again he’s thrust into a terrorist plot and his girlfriend is right in the middle of it. He has to risk their relationship in order to keep her alive....

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Jaw-Dropping Suspense

Minutes to Die by Susan Sleeman FBI Agent Kiley Dawson is tipped off about a possible terrorist attack happening on 9/11 and is thrust in a deadly hunt to find those responsible before the threat is unleashed. ICE Agent Evan Bowers is tasked with a covert operation to...

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Plot Inspiration – Podcast

I had the privilege of chatting with author Sarah Hamaker about where I find the inspiration for the plots in my books. I also share some other fun information. Check out this podcast. Plus, Sarah also includes a special reading of the first scene in Chapter 1...

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