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Happy Birthday Canada!

It's a special day here in Canada, so I'm taking a break from my regular "What if" series, plus posting today! It's July 1st - Canada Day! Right now the Canadian flag in our back yard is flapping in the gentle breeze. It got me thinking about our country. As we...

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What if…we dared to dream?

She slammed her laptop shut and threw the reference book across the room. Her husband ran down the steps. “What’s going on?” She hung her head. “I can’t do it.” “What?” She pointed to the book on the floor. “All this marketing stuff. It’s too hard.” “Of course it is....

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What if…we used our pride for good?

Carol stood next to her friend Diana on the sidelines of their girls’ first gymnastic meet of the season. Both of their daughters struggled to maintain their footing. Diana stomped. “Tracey, get up. You can do better than that!” Carol glanced at her friend. Diana’s...

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What if…we changed our perspective?

Amelia drummed her fingers on the stadium’s armrest. Her knees bounced as she waited for the synchronized swimmers to dazzle them. She had been looking forward to the show for months. Her mother placed a hand on Amelia’s knee. “Will you stop?” The fifteen year-old...

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What if…we spring cleaned our hearts?

Angela stared at her messy closet. Mismatched shoes lay on the floor. Coats scrunched together like sardines. Books, papers, and boxes piled high on the top shelf caught her attention. She crossed her arms. Where to begin? She pulled a box down, but two others fell...

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