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What if…we truly feared God?

Simone stood with her daughter gazing at Castle Mountain in Banff National Park. Its individual crowns shaped perfectly to form a castle-like structure. The clouds kissed the peaks and gave off a gothic feeling. Even though the summer heat caused Simone to wipe her...

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Guest blog – Heather Joyes

Hi friends! I'm creating a new category within my site called "Guest Blogs" where I will feature different pieces by fellow writers from time to time. This week my good friend Heather Joyes has agreed to let me include one of her poems. I've known Heather for a number...

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What if…we let the Holy Spirit loose?

Deborah tossed and turned. She tried counting sheep, praying, and reciting scripture. Nothing worked. Her mind wouldn’t shut off and let her sleep. A nightmare had jolted her awake. Her friend’s face was fresh in her mind. Why did Lisa haunt her dreams? Pray. Deborah...

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What if…the tomb wasn’t empty?

Sue and I waited to see the tomb where our Savior’s body lay many years ago. It had been the second site we visited today. The first was lined with gold candlesticks, incense, and other gaudy fixtures. Fit for a King of a grand palace, but for the Son of God? I...

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What if…there was no cross?

The sun beated down on us like a relentless torturer. I took a big swig of water hoping my internal temperature would get the hint and start cooling. It didn’t. My sister and I tried to keep up with the rest of our tour, but it was hard. The narrow streets of Old...

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What if…we stopped worrying?

Mindy drummed her fingers on the table, and stared at the phone willing it to ring. It had been two hours since her daughter left the concert in Toronto. Jeremy walked into the kitchen. “Do you think the longer you gawk at the phone, it will ring?” “She should be home...

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