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What if…we lived out our faith?

Sydney slammed her hand on the snooze button and turned over. Minutes later, its constant buzz drew her out of her dream stupor. She shoved the alarm clock to the floor. Was it that easy for her husband to push her aside for a younger woman? Tears rolled down her...

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What if…we totally surrendered?

Jacqueline slammed the phone on the counter. “She did it to me again. Why can’t she just be happy for me?” Derek pulled the milk from the fridge and poured a glass. “What are you talking about?” He grabbed the Oero cookie box from the cupboard. “What do you think?...

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What if…we faced our fears?

Sharon edged her way to the end of the diving board. Her stomach quivered at the distance beneath her. She bit her lip and took one step back. “I can’t do it,” she said. A shiver raced through her body and she rubbed her arms. “Yes, you can,” her mother said. “Just...

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What if…we gave with a cheerful heart?

Marlene dropped her envelope in the offering plate. Then sighed, crossed her arms, and pouted. Why did she have to give? Seemed like everyone around her just let the plate pass. Didn’t they know it’s a requirement of every Christian? She thought of all the things she...

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What if…we stopped with the guilt?

Cheryl kicked the door closed with her foot as she tried to balance her grocery bags, purse and briefcase. “Hello,” she said. “Could use some help here. Anyone?” Silence. She gritted her teeth. Why are they never around when I need them? Cheryl shuffled into the...

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What if…we forgave as Christ commanded?

Samantha slammed the door causing the pictures on the wall to rattle. “That’s it. I’ve had it,” she said. Why had she trusted him again? Weren’t the past two times enough for her to open her eyes? Samantha stomped to the living room, plunked herself on the couch, and...

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