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What if…we stopped learning?

Lucille removed each item from her bag and examined them before placing her notebook, pen, pencil, easer, and ruler on the desk. The chatter from the doorway caught her attention. Two young girls entered the room. One dressed in everything black--from her dyed hair to...

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What if…seasons didn’t change?

She sat on her porch in her favourite spot overlooking the front yard. The maple saplings she planted with her husband when they were first married had grown and now stood as sentinels protecting her property. The tire swing hanging from the oak tree swayed in the...

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What if…we kept our promises?

Matthew sat on the front porch with his backpack beside him. He looked at his watch as he tapped his toe on the step. Late again. Can’t you ever be on time?  Ever since his parents divorced, he spent every other weekend with his dad. And it never failed; his dad...

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What if…His people really prayed?

They stood at attention with swords raised as she walked through the village in the darkness. Her mission outreach lasted longer than normal and the path home took her through the toughest part of town. The most feared gang in this small community came out at dusk and...

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What if…Jesus came to visit you?

I sat in my favourite spot on the couch, got out my knitting and turned on the television. My show was about to begin and I couldn’t wait to see how the season premiere would start. Would Kate really die? I hoped not. Would she remember that Castle told her he loved...

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