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What if…His people really prayed?

They stood at attention with swords raised as she walked through the village in the darkness. Her mission outreach lasted longer than normal and the path home took her through the toughest part of town. The most feared gang in this small community came out at dusk and...

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What if…Jesus came to visit you?

I sat in my favourite spot on the couch, got out my knitting and turned on the television. My show was about to begin and I couldn’t wait to see how the season premiere would start. Would Kate really die? I hoped not. Would she remember that Castle told her he loved...

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What if…we could turn back time?

Michael lifted the envelope out of the box from under his bed and gasped at the familiar handwriting. He didn’t remember writing anything, let alone placing it here in this hiding spot. How is this possible? He ran his fingers over each letter of his name “Michael...

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What if…we could see the big picture?

“Mommy, I can’t see,” Kylie said. “The turn is too big. I want to go back.” Jessica could hear the stress in her daughter’s voice and knew tears were threatening to spill from her eight year old. Still, she stayed behind her daughter watching carefully as Kylie...

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What if…we used our words for good?

Mackenzie slipped quietly out from her pew as the pastor prayed the benediction. She didn’t feel like talking with anyone and just wanted to go home. The service was encouraging, but the comment concerning her appearance earlier still bothered her. She felt defeated...

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