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Explosive Christmas Showdown


A bomber brings terror to Christmas

as the presents go tick…tick…boom.

With criminal investigative analyst Olive Wells at the center of a bomber’s dangerous game, she’ll do anything to catch the culprit—even work with her ex-fiancé and his K-9 detector dog. But with the Christmas rampage drawing ever closer, Zac Turner’s convinced the attacks are personal. Can they piece together their ties to the bomber…before another gift explodes?

Book 2 in the Crisis Rescue Team series

Life’s Zigzags

She studied her husband from a distance. He turned left, stopped, and looked to his right. He took a step that way. Stopped. Turned around. Was he lost? Trepidation twisted his handsome but weathered face. Stange. He had gone to the washroom, so she waited for him on...

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Resolutions? Yes or No?

Do you ever wonder who made the first New Year’s resolution? Was it Adam and Eve? And…did they keep it? Probably not. Face it, most of us make resolutions but never carry them through. Oh, we might for a few weeks or even months, but come mid-February we get back into...

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