Joe yanked the foreclosure sign off his front door and crumpled it into a ball. He whipped it across the yard as if doing so would rid him of all his troubles.

I don’t need this. Not now.

He unlocked the front door and entered his empty home. Its silence blasted his eardrums. Plunking himself into a nearby chair, he buried his head in his hands.

Lord, how much more will you send my way?

Six months ago he came home from a business trip to find his wife gone. She cleaned out their bank account and took their children with her. Her cryptic note simply said, “I’m done. Don’t come after us.”

Joe tried everything to find her, but she’d vanished. He hadn’t even had a chance to say good-bye to his kids. How could she take them from him? He still didn’t understand what went wrong.

He raised his fist in the air. “Why, God?”

The next week, Joe lost his job. Downsizing.

He eyed the unopened bills on the table. Joe bolted out of his chair, grabbed the envelopes, and threw them in the kitchen garbage. One missed the can and fell to the floor.

Joe noticed the return address—his doctor’s clinic. The results of his recent test must have come in.

More bad news.

The phone shrilled causing Joe to jump. He glanced at the number. Eli. Joe let the answering machine kick in. His friend’s voice filled the kitchen.

“Joe, we need to talk. I know why you’re having so much trouble. Call me.” Click.

Joe shook his head. He couldn’t take any more of his supposed friends advice. They had all the answers. Or so they thought.

What are you doing to me, Lord?

Have you ever asked that question? Be honest. Like me, I’m sure you have. This past week was a tough one. Every time I turned around something else happened. And you know what I discovered?

It’s okay to ask God why.

Job did.

If there was ever someone who deserved to ask why, it was Job. Look at what happened to him. He lost his entire family, his wealth, and his health. Yikes…my week was nothing compared to that! Let’s take a closer look.

Job didn’t blame God. Wow. After everything Job went through, he wouldn’t blame God. How many of us can say that? We’re quick to shake our fist at Him. How could He allow it to happen? We may never know why this side of Heaven, but God has promised He will never leave us. He’s in control.

Job didn’t let his friends influence him. His friends meant well, but really? All the challenges they threw at him were a bit much. Some of our friends are probably the same. They just want to help but sometimes hearing “All things work together for good…” You know what comes next. Yes, I believe this verse is true. However, when someone is going through a difficult time, it’s the last thing they want to hear. How about we just give them a hug and ask how we can help? You’ve heard the saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” It’s true.

Hawaii 236Job asked why. How could he not? He asked God very good questions and angrily at times. However, what he didn’t do was lose his faith. He trusted God. These sufferings made him look deeper inside to see what he could learn. Have you asked God to teach you what He wants you to see from your sufferings? When we do, we’ll grow stronger.

Job praised God anyway. After everything Job suffered, he still honored God. What an example for us! My mother did the same when she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. She chose joy through it all. She even told strangers about her journey and how she loved God. Amazing. I’ll never forget her standing on her tippy toes praising God during a chorus at church. The joy on her face was radiant and contagious! Her favorite saying was, “God is good…ALL the time.”

I bet Job said the same thing. Would we? What are you learning through your trials today? Have you asked God to show you? I just did.

Yes, it’s okay to ask why, but let’s trust and still praise Him in the storms of life.

Do you have a storm you would like to share? Did you ask God why? I really appreciate when you reply with comments. I love reading them. God bless.

Job 1:21 (NIV)

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the Lord be praised.

Praise You in the Storm – Casting Crowns

This is a song our family clung to when we went through the journey with our mother. There were many versions to choose from but I really liked this one. Watch it all the way through.


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