“I can’t!” Murray shoved his hands in his pockets and kicked a stone, sending it flying across the gravel yard. “Who am I, but a measly worker?”

The boss sighed. “You’re more than that. Take a look at these.” He held out a binder.

Murray opened it. Praise from his coworkers filled every page. How could this be? He just came in every day, did his work, and left. He was nothing special.

“See, you can lead. Everyone thinks so.”

Murray shook his head. “I wouldn’t know what to say to them.”

“Just be yourself. They want you as their union rep.”

Murray slammed the binder shut and handed it back. “I can’t.”

“If I can’t convince you, perhaps the VP’s recommendation will.” The boss pulled out a piece of paper.

The letter was full of praise for Murray’s work.

I thought he hated me.

Murray crumbled the paper into a ball. “Pick someone else.”

The boss’ eyes glared. “Why won’t you listen? How about we ask Aiden to help you? Would you agree to it then?”

Murray nodded.

Moses had a hard time accepting the fact that God had picked him to lead His people out of Egypt. He lacked self-esteem. Can you believe that? Do we struggle with the same thing? You betcha. Let’s see how Moses’ story unfolded.

Moses questioned his own identity. God used a burning bush to get Moses attention (what better way to do it!). He instructed Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. What was Moses’ response? “Who am I?” He wondered why God had chosen him. He was confused on his own identity. How could he not be? He was born a Hebrew, but raised an Egyptian. He doubted himself and that he could lead. How about us? Do we know who we are? I’m sure we’ve all gone through an identity crisis at one point or another in our lives. Look to God for answers. He loves us for who we are, not what others think of us or not even what we think. We’re His treasures. Let’s remember that next time we start comparing ourselves to someone else.

blog apr 22Moses doubted his abilities. He asked God, “What shall I tell them?” He lacked the confidence to know what to say to the people to get them to follow him. He confessed his gift wasn’t one of eloquent speech and he doubted the others would listen. I know there are times when I struggle with my gifts. Do I measure up? Can I really do this? Do we know how special we are? We all have unique abilities. We mustn’t let our insecurities cloud the journey God has for us. It could turn into something spectacular!

Moses gave up and asked God to send Aaron. Even after God turned Moses’ staff into a snake, made his hand leprous, and healed it instantly, Moses still pleaded with God to send Aaron instead of himself. God’s reassurances and signs were not enough. How many times has God tried to do the same to us? Given us clear direction and opened all doors, but we still stumble and take a different path. Why don’t we have the confidence in ourselves and trust that He won’t lead us astray?

God may not have called us to lead like He did Moses, but He has an awesome plan in store for us. Let’s muster up the confidence He’s given us and go!

Who are we? We’re God’s children and He loves us just as we are. Through Him we can do anything.

I confess there have been times in my life where I’ve struggled with who I am. Even compared myself to others. Shame on me! How about you? Share your story. 

Exodus 3:11 (NIV)

But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?”

Who Am I? by Casting Crowns

This is a powerful song about who we are in Christ.

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