This week has been a difficult one for me, so I took a break from everything this weekend and rested. My friend Rita graciously agreed to let me use one of her poems. This one spoke to my heart. It’s exactly what I needed to hear right now. Thanks Rita!

The Temper Tantrum

I’m alone in the dark, frightened

No one hears me, my cries, my pleas

I want to do it my way,

Why won’t You let me?

I know what I’m doing,

Why won’t you let me do what I want?

You’re going too slow,

Give me what I want

O God, You are so stubborn!

If only I stopped and listened,

Instead of running away

My child, are you ready to listen now?

I know what you want,

But you must learn to trust Me.

I will always give you

What is best for you,

But it may not be

What you want.

As I stop to listen,

As I do Your Will,

I am no longer alone and afraid,

Your ever waiting arms

Encircling me,

Once again,

Content in Your Love.


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