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Rainbow Delight

by | Jul 14, 2014 | | Picture This | 11 comments

This past week we had a strange day of storms—ominous clouds, pelting rain, and sunshine. You name it, we had it!

At one point it was raining while the sun was still shining. You know what that means! Jeff and I looked for a rainbow. Sure enough, there it was outside our front door. I snapped a photo of it.rainbow2

Then I began to think about rainbows. What do they mean? What comes to mind? Thoughts of promises? Treasures?

I also thought about the storms in life and how at times they’re unending. At least it has seemed that way lately. Struggles lined with questions of why only brings more stress. How do we deal with them? Do we look for the rainbows or wallow in the pits of despair?

Do we search for hope in the pot at the end of the rainbow? Or are we negative and think we will only find coal?

If you were to wish for one thing in your “pot of gold” what would it be? I’m not referring to a windfall of cash. Think outside the box.

What’s your rainbow delight? Share with us in the comment section.


  1. Susan Steeves

    Hey Sissy,
    I love the truth in this post! Reality is sometimes very hard to face daily. My one wish would be to always feel my Saviour’s touch and great love as I journeys through the victory’s and valleys life throws our way. Thank you Jesus that you carry us through them!

  2. Brenda Rumsey

    Life is an adventure, and I’ve had my share of difficulties, but one treasure that I’ve already received is the knowledge that I’m not alone through these hard times. God is always with us, and that makes a world of difference. I guess the earthly treasure I would want to find is a vacation. Between being my daughters caregiver for ten years and raising my 3 grandsons, it’s been over 13 years since I’ve had one and would love to take my husband, son, and 3 grandsons on a real vacation to make some more good memories.

    • Darlene L. Turner

      Amen…God does make the world of difference. You definitely deserve a vacation, Brenda! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your wish.

  3. stephseclecticinterests

    As a Christian mom of three grown children, one of the most important things I would want at the end of the rainbow would be to worship the Lord together with my hubby and our brood.
    God bless you, my friend, with much joy and many treasures (even before you find the end of your rainbow).

    • Darlene L. Turner

      That’s an awesome wish for your rainbow delight! Love it, Steph. God bless you as well. 😀

  4. Ephrem Hagos

    By the exclusive grace of God, my wife and I just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on 6/6 after tremulous years. To sustain longer, we need more of the LORD’S endless love, knowledge, grace and mercy. Amen!

  5. Diane Spearing

    My hearts desire would be the same as Susan’s (sissy’s) and also my son to continue to choose God’s way in life.


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