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Sometimes in life you just need to take a step back from what you’re doing and refocus. Know what I’m talking about?

Ever have one of those days when everything is going wrong? Or one of those weeks? You can relate, right?

owl'd friends

Design by Jamie Mills-Price

This past weekend I took some much-needed down time. It had been a crazy week and I felt like I was going to snap. I needed to refocus, so I took out my paintbrush and soon found myself de-stressing as I finished this cute little Owl’d Friends ornament (design by Jamie Mills-Price – you can order the pattern here).

I also baked some maple pumpkin cookies and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins!

Isn’t it nice to know doing the simple things in life can not only give us joy but help us unwind and refocus.

Why don’t we do it more often?

How about you? When was the last time you’ve taken time for yourself? Share with us.

O Happy Day/Oh Happy Day Medley (featuring Sisters)

When I paint I either have a movie going in my DVD player or a music video. Sunday, I put in the Gaither’s Women of Homecoming and this song made me smile and tap my toe! It’s a real southern gospel song. Love the harmony (listen to how low the sister on the far right can go!)!


  1. Diane Spearing

    Oh Dar I understand I am in need of de stressing time… Want to come with me to Samoa????????


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