Listen, Learn, Love by Susie Albert Miller

I bet you have at least one relationship in need of a fine-tuning or even a good ole fashioned overhaul. Yes?

We all do.listen-learn-love-big

Tired of hearing everyone’s opinion on the best way to improve your relationships? Well, Listen, Learn, Love is full of great advice by Better Relationship Coach, Susie Albert Miller. Who better qualified to give us guidance than a counselor who’s not only lived through tough situations, but has had years of experience helping others.

I loved the three avatars the author uses to explain the fundamentals for any relationship to work.

  • Conch shell for Listen
  • Glasses for Learn
  • Heart for Love

Simple but effective.

Ms. Miller goes on to explain how we can hear when we listen (you’d be surprised how often we don’t really hear), how we can learn well, and love deeper.

This book is well written and easy to read. I liked her tips for each skill, the examples she shares to help explain the meaning of them, and the exercises. She also uses her own real life experiences, keeping it authentic and practical to the reader. She’s been down the road and knows what she’s talking about.

That’s real application.

The quotes at the beginning of each chapter added an extra special touch. The author also invites us to join her community and share our stories at

It all sounds too simple, doesn’t it? Perhaps that’s because we’ve made our relationships so complicated. This is a small book packed with a big punch! It will help us pass Relationships 101 and move us deeper into our bonds with spouses, family, friends, and even our co-workers.

I give Listen, Learn, Love four stars.

Pick up a copy, sit on Ms. Miller’s virtual couch, and share your heart. You won’t be disappointed!

**Book has been provided courtesy of The Blog Spot for an honest review.


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