The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp
God’s way is always the broken way. –Ann Voskamp
brokenwayDo you feel defeated? Useless? Broken? Then you’re in the right place. The Broken Way is a heartfelt book that will show you God uses the ugly places and makes them beautiful. Perhaps our hearts were made to be broken as that’s where wisdom begins.
How can that be?
Can we really count all the brokenness in life as good? Will it strengthen us to become stronger? The author takes us through her struggles and how she’s turned them into beautiful, yielding wheat. There is hope in the hopelessness.
I struggled on how to review this book and give it justice. When I finished reading it, one word came to mind. WOW. Then another word. POWERFUL. Ann Voskamp has such an amazing way with words. She uses story, biblical truths, and her own hurts to share the message of brokenness to us. She brings us into her family, sharing her deepest thoughts and woes to help us see there is communion with God in the brokenness. Will we acknowledge it?
I love her imagery throughout the book. It brings the message to life on the pages beautifully. My jaw dropped a few times in awe of how she threads it throughout the chapters. Her use of the inked cross on her wrist makes me want to wear my cross with pride and shout from the rooftops. It’s more than a simple symbol of faith.
What will we do with our one broken heart?
If I could give The Broken Way more than five stars, I would. It’s one of those life-changing books. When you finish reading it, you will feel breathless. You can’t read this without feeling touched in some way. I guarantee it.
Pick up a copy today. Invest in your beautiful brokenness.
**Book has been provided courtesy of Zondervan and BlogAbout in exchange for my honest review. The Broken Way Study Guide with DVD will be available in December.
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