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Maggie’s War
by Terrie Todd
A telegraph arrives giving Maggie Marshall some relieving news. Her abusive husband has been killed in action in WWII. Should she fake her tears or just go on serving her customers in the restaurant her father left her? A place she also uses as a refuge for unwed mothers. She’s now free at last to run it the way she wants to. That is until she finds out her husband left his half to his repulsive brother. How can she buy him out when she has nothing?
Charlotte Penfield hates working for the grumpy Maggie Marshall. She’d do anything to get away from her clutches, but this is where her parents sent her to spend her shameful pregnancy. If only she can get to the base camp where her baby’s father is stationed. Surely when he finds out she’s pregnant, he’ll want to marry her and they’ll live happily ever after. Right? She devises a plan to run away while Mrs. Marshall is at her husband’s funeral.
Reverend Reuben Fennel is reunited with his childhood chum, Maggie Marshall, but is perplexed as to why the once delightful girl has turned into a hardened woman. Determined to help see her through her grief, he sticks to her side even on a cross-country trek that could damage his reputation.
Will this trio find love and acceptance in this war-torn world? Or will they surrender to the unseen enemy?
Maggie’s War by Terrie Todd is a delightful tale and has something for everyone! Drama, romance, and intrigue mixed in with a bit of humor. I was drawn into the story from the very beginning. I found myself feeling sorry for Maggie but in the next breath also wanting to throttle her for her harshness. The characters in this novel are well rounded. Reuben’s thoughtfulness was sweet while Charlotte’s naivety draws the reader in. We want things to turn out good for her even though we know she’s young and innocent. The character arcs for all three of them were good, growing them immensely. The secondary characters were well done as well. Loved Mrs. O’Toole.
The imagery of the towns portrayed in the 1940’s was great. I could picture the homes, train station, clothing, etc. Excellent job, Ms. Todd.
My only negative comment would be that I imagined both Maggie and Reuben to be a little bit older than the author really intended. Once I kept reading I understood the age.
This book is a refreshing tale and one I know the readers will enjoy and keep turning the pages.
I give Maggie’s War four stars. It’s a war book you’ll want for your shelves.
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**E-book has been provided courtesy of the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.


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