Today marks the anniversary of 9-11. A day none of us will ever forget. One filled with terror. Do you remember what you were doing when the towers were hit? I bet you do. A ton of questions raced through our minds. How could this have happened? Who could be this evil to do something like this? Where was God in the midst of this?

All we wanted was a glimpse of His glory. Why wouldn’t He show it to us?

There are seasons in life when we ask that question many times. The clouds have rolled in and we can’t see past them. The sorrow is too deep. We just want a glimpse of those good times again.

Even Moses went to the mountaintop to see God. He wanted to see His face, but what did God do?

He let Moses see a glimpse in a cloud.

Yes, God shows us many times, but how often do we really see Him? He’s there, but our human eyes fail to catch that glimpse. Why? Perhaps we’re too busy or we’re too deep into our own struggles, we fail to see the gifts He gives us every day.

In the simple things.

A baby’s giggle. A butterfly as it flaps its wings. A trill of a cardinal.

Or perhaps sometimes in bigger things. A restored marriage, a clean bill of health, a job, a friend who is always there for us.

Yes, God allows us to see a glimpse of His glory.

Every day.

Let’s open our eyes to see.

Glimpse of Your Glory (The Ball Brothers)

Listen to this song and look around you for a glimpse of His glory.


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