Christmas 2020 will look different for everyone. It has been a tough year with lots of changes, challenges, and heartbreaks. However, God’s love for us has remained steadfast. Even though we may not get to see our families and friends this year, Jesus is still the reason for the season. Still the reason we celebrate. Let’s not forget His perfect Gift.

I love this poem by my sweet friend, Barbara Ayton. Enjoy.

The Gift

Beneath the glowing Christmas tree
lay gifts adorned with care
the bows and ribbons neatly placed
provide a bit of flare

Each package bears a signature
and these two words “with love”
reminds me of a special gift
sent down from Heav’n above

It was a long, long time ago
in Bethlehem, at night
a tiny baby boy was born
from Holiness, a Light

This “package” bore God’s signature
the angels from on high
it was as if th’ inscription had
been written in the sky

The shepherds saw and stood transfixed
then later they told of
the message which in essence was:
This is for you “with love”

So when you look beneath the tree
at gifts adorned with care
remember Christ our Saviour’s love
and that it is to share


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