Let’s be a Christmas light for others to see. Love this poem by Barbara Ayton. Enjoy.

Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! xo

The Light of Christmas

Into the sparkling realm of evening
into the satin blackness placed
one gem, celestial spotlighting
illumining God’s Newborn grace

Into the fields enshrouded by night
into the lives of awestruck men
came a light that’s wrought in glory
angels announce the plan of heav’n

Into a world by darkness blinded
into the town of Bethlehem
came The Light that shines in darkness
enlightening… who call on Him

Into my deepest, darkest midnight
into the coolness of my soul
came this Light that shines forever
warming me with its tender glow

Though life is tinged with many shadows
threat’ning to quench the Light in me
still the Light remains, unfailing
glowing with love… eternally


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