Do you remember making snow angels as a child? Playing in the snow? Sliding? I do. We had so much fun on our little backyard hill. Dad also made a small rink for us to skate on. Such fun!

This painting project reminds me of fun winter days. Do we take them for granted? Do we wish the season away too fast?

(Design by Jamie Mills-Price)

When I look at this painting a few thoughts come to mind.

Painting relaxes me. We have too many stresses in life. Relationships, finances, jobs, health issues, etc. How do we release the stress? I do it through painting and writing. I love to pick up my paintbrush and get lost in bringing a picture to life or creating a scene in my novel that grips me until I finish it. What’s your outlet? We all need one.

The details make the picture pop! To create the finest details of this scene, I had to use my liner. It helped bring clarity and life to every inch of this winter wonderland. It made me think about how the small things in life are very important. They bring a smile to our faces. Let’s remember this!

To have FUN!  Life is too stressful and we need to take moments to just have fun. How about we do something we haven’t done in years? Make a snow angel, build a snowman or fort, or how about a snowball fight? Wanna join me? Let’s go!

This winter why don’t we look for the child in each of us. Go back to our childhood and the simpler things in life. If we do, I believe it will relieve some of our stress!

See you at the nearest snowbank! 🙂

How do you relieve your stress? What’s your outlet? Share with us!

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