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The café door slams shut as it ushers in a gust of wind. The August day brings a hint of fall with it, but I don’t mind. The colors of the season always get my vote for favorite time of year. Mumblings from other patrons bring my attention back to the room and I catch a glimpse of the object of their chatter.

The Mother of all living glides across the floor oblivious to the stares she leaves behind.

I snatch a breath and exhale like a balloon deflating before being tied. Her beauty can only be described by one word.


Dressed in a white tunic gathered at her slim waist, her wavy hair flows down her back. Her piercing blue eyes find mine and she smiles.

Wow, God. Your first female creation is magnificent!

apple for eveI stand to greet her. “Good afternoon, Eve. Please have a seat.”

“So nice to meet you after so many phone calls. Sorry for my busy schedule.”

“No worries. Hope you don’t mind, but I ordered a couple of chai tea Frappuccino’s.”

“Sounds sinfully delicious.”

I chuckle at her choice of words and glance at my first question, eager to get started. “Tell me, what was it like living in the Garden of Eden?”


I tap my pen on the table. “Can you describe it in more detail?”

“Lush and vibrant vegetation. Flowers in the most vibrant colors you’d ever see in today’s world. The fruit tasted sweet and delicious. Always fresh and juicy.”

Our frappuccinos arrive and Eve takes a long sip, gulping quickly. She holds her forehead. “Oh! That hurts.”

I laugh. “We call it brain freeze. You have to sip slowly.”

“It’s delightful. What’s your next question?”

“What was it like being with Adam, the animals, and walking and talking with God? You had them all to yourself.”

“Again, paradise. It’s the only way to describe it. Adam was shy at first but soon became my best friend. Having God so close and hearing His voice was like getting a hug, kiss on the cheek, and whispers every day, all hours of the day. Whenever I called His name, He was there.”

I rubbed my chest in an attempt to stop the burning sensation of jealousy from bubbling over. Why didn’t she know she had a good thing? Today everyone is trying to find God in so many different ways and she had it all along. I clenched my fists.
eve 2

I had to know. “Why did you give it all up? What in tarnation’s were you thinking? All women across the world want to know.”

Her eyes flashed for a split second. “I was deceived. I thought I could be like God.”

“No one can be like God.”

“I know that now. I never should’ve listened to that stupid snake, but he was beautiful and lovely. I guess it’s true.” She fiddles with her straw. “Deception can come wrapped in beautiful packages.”

“So true. What was it like for you after that? How did you feel once God confronted you?”

“Exposed and shameful. Adam and I both rushed to cover ourselves.”


“We wanted to run and hide from God.”

I sat back, pondering her statement. How many times have I done that? I make a decision and then run away from the consequences, thinking I can hide because I know it’s not the answer God would have chosen for me.

Why? Why? Why?

Will I ever learn?

I sigh. “We’re all guilty of that.”

We’ve all tried to run from God at one point, but He’s always there waiting for us to come back to Him. (Click to tweet)

Share your thoughts on Eve’s story. What else can she teach us?

Genesis 3:10 (VOICE)

When I heard the sound of You coming in the garden, I was afraid because I am naked. So I hid from You.


  1. Teresa

    I know for me. I want to follow God and totally be obedient but then I think I can’t do that, I can’t be “perfect” and then I fail. But last night and again reading this from you I realize God doesn’t expect me to be perfect. He just wants me to follow Him because He loves me just where I am and He wants me to obey Him.

    • Darlene L. Turner

      Exactly, Teresa!! That is so true. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. God bless.


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