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I wipe a fallen tear and remain silent as Mary and Martha embrace after their admission of jealousy. Could this be the beginning of healing for this dynamic duo? I offer up a silent prayer.

Martha smiles at me. “Thanks for this. I’m not sure we would’ve had this breakthrough if it wasn’t for your questions.”

I place my hand on my heart. “I’m honored to witness such a special moment. God is good, isn’t he?”

Mary squeezes her sister’s arm. “He is.”

I check my list of questions to see if I’ve forgotten anything. Yes, one more topic for discussion. Will I ruin the mood? I hesitate but know I will regret it if I don’t bring it up. I press play on the recorder one more time.

“Martha, what was the first thing that went through your mind when Jesus didn’t make it in time to heal Lazarus?”

“Why couldn’t you be on time?” She gasps and glances at Mary. “We were both devastated when our brother passed. We lost a part of us that day.”

I hear the catch in her voice. My lip quivers as I think about my own brother. To see what he went through during his battle with cancer tore my heart out.

The waitress arrives and pours us more coffee, bringing me back to our conversation. “When Jesus asked that the stone be taken away, you objected. You were quick to point out the body would be decaying. After all of the miracles you’d seen Christ do, why did you have such a hard time believing him?”


“I honestly don’t know. I guess I was so focused on what can’t be done, I’d forgotten who Christ was and what he could do.”

“And who would you say he is?”

“The God of all possibilities.”

I take a sip of my coffee and savor her comments. Yes, God can do anything. Why don’t we trust Him to move mountains? We focus on what we can’t do but totally forget that He CAN do all things.

No matter what the size.

No matter what may stand in the way.

No matter what the father of lies tells us.

We can believe in the God of possibilities.

He will do the impossible.

We just have to believe.

Lately, I’ve been struggling. I’ve focused on what can’t be done instead of what can be. He’s the mountain mover! Not me. I need to just believe. What about you? (Click to tweet)

John 11:14-15 (VOICE)

Then Jesus spoke plainly. Lazarus is dead, and I am grateful for your sakes that I was not there when he died. Now you will see and believe. Gather yourselves, and let’s go to him.

God of Possibilities by Brian Free & Assurance

I dare you to NOT tap your toe during this song! 🙂

I know the God of possibilities. Do you?


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