Award-winning Publishers Weekly Best-selling Author

The Suspense Squad had the amazing privilege of interviewing Michelle Aleckson. Learn all about her writing process, books, and her LIS debut, Hidden Ranch Peril. Here’s a sneak peek.

Hidden Ranch Peril

The key to solving a kidnapping…
Lies buried in her past.

After witnessing her aunt’s abduction, veterinarian Talia Knowles will do anything to find her—even as the kidnappers set their sights on her. But missing memories from her past might hold answers she didn’t know she had. And relying on neighboring ranch hand and ex-marine Noah Landers could be the key to finding her aunt and discovering the culprit’s true motives.


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  1. Teresa Pollock

    Fantastic interview. Looking forward to reading this new book from a new to me author. The book cover intrigues me


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