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Pursued in the Wilderness

By Loretta Eidson 

Brooke Chandler is thrust into the wilderness—a place she hates—after her estranged husband is murdered and she hears threats of criminals wanting to steal her about-to-be-born baby. She stumbles upon a man and his K-9 dog who quickly become her guardians.

K-9 handler Trent Williston just wants to have a peaceful camping trip with his dog, Rex, after a grueling rescue goes wrong, but when an on-the-run pregnant woman appears at his campsite, his protective nature takes over. Together, they race through the wilderness to escape the men wanting to capture and steal Brooke’s baby.

Can they beat the clock and make it to the ranger station while realizing their rising feelings for one another? Or will they die trying?

Pursued in the Wilderness is Loretta Eidson’s debut novel and what a start to a promising writing career. It grabbed me from page one and held me in its clutches as Brooke and Trent raced through the wilderness. It was full of heartfelt emotion and breathtaking conflict.

The imagery in this well-crafted novel literally had me breathless at some points. The author knows how to put her reader right into the pages. Well done. The faith aspect is interwoven effectively without sounding preachy.

The tension and conflict in this story were well placed. Just when you think they were safe, wham! Something else happens.

I give Pursued in the Wilderness five stars. It’s one debut that will grab you by the throat and not let go!

**I received no compensation and the opinions in this review are my own.

Loretta’s Bio

Award-winning author Loretta Eidson lives by the motto ‘never a dull moment,’ especially with her husband, four children, and thirteen grandchildren. Her love of reading began in middle school, where she devoured Phyllis Whitney’s mystery novels. Loretta’s heart is writing romantic suspense. She believes in the power of prayer and loves putting her hero and heroine in realistic predicaments where they must trust God to pull them through.

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  1. Teresa Pollock

    Sounds like a book I will pick up. Thanks for the review Darlene Turner. Going look for this book today.

  2. DiAnn Mills

    So proud of you! Suspenseful story,

  3. Loretta Eidson

    Thank you for sharing, my friend! So exciting!


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