Walking amongst the Clouds

“Mommy, look at the dinosaur!”  The boy jumped up and down as he pointed to the sky.

She looked up to see a cloud formation that when she tilted her head just right, it did indeed look like a dinosaur. Sort of. She smiled as she laughed at her son’s imagination. He can see it so clearly.

I remember as a child wanting to reach up and touch the clouds. Wouldn’t it be cool? I imagined it to feel soft, like a cotton ball. How about you? I’m sure we’ve all seen different formations, but have you ever walked in the clouds?

I have…literally. Recently on a trip to Hawaii, my husband and I had an opportunity to visit the Haleakala Crater on Maui. Driving up the twisted narrow road, nearing the top, we suddenly found ourselves amongst the clouds. We reached one altitude and went for a walk. In the picture below, you can see me sitting on top of the clouds (yes, those are clouds behind me!). Breathtaking!

What an experience. It’s one I will never forget, as it’s not everyday you get to walk in the clouds.

Have you ever felt so happy that you felt you were on “cloud 9”? It took me awhile, but after dealing with the pain of separation, finding out my husband was a homosexual, and going through divorce, I was ready to move on.

Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t easy. I did end up taking that HIV test and found out I was OK. I went through many emotions during my healing process. It took time, but God kept reminding me of His unconditional love.

I learned a lot on my journey. I was naïve in my thinking that something like this would never happen to me, a Christian. I laugh at myself now as I type these words. We think we’re immune to divorce and when we marry, it’s supposed to be forever. Yes I believe that, but unfortunately there are times in life when it’s not that simple, and it’s OK to let go.

When I reached the other side of my pain and let forgiveness wash over me like a fresh waterfall, God knew it was time to open His arms and let me soar. When He did, I found myself walking on cloud nine!

If you’re in the middle of your painful journey right now, I want to assure you there will be a time when you will find yourself running joyously in the clouds.

Psalm 28:6-7 (The Message)

Blessed be God—he heard me praying.
He proved he’s on my side;
I’ve thrown my lot in with him.

Now I’m jumping for joy,
and shouting and singing my thanks to him.


  1 comment for “Walking amongst the Clouds

  1. Julie Richmond
    September 8, 2010 at 11:42 am

    LOVE the picture!! Hawaii really is such a neat place! So cool how you can say you have literally walked in the clouds!!

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